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play allods mmo gameplay mmo games Allods Online is a Fantasy MMORPG that blends Sci-Fi and Medieval Fantasy together to create a truly unique world.  Allods Online offers a world filled with 2 warring factions, 6 races, 8 archetypes, 28 classes, hundreds of skills, and over 1,500 quests. Set on magical islands – called the Allods – floating in the astral space, Allods Online not only offers a fully-realised MMORPG experience without a monthly fee, but it does so with all the care and affection of an MMO that does require a fee, offering an experience that is simply too good not to try.

Runes of Magic

runes of magicplay runes of magic Free to Play MMORPG Runes of Magic brings to life the fantasy world of Taborea with beautiful 3D graphics. With fully-realized dungeon encounters, unmatched character customization, a unique multi-class system, in-game player housing, and a growing community of over 2,000,000 – Runes of Magic guarantees something for everyone.

Runes of magic is a feature rich MMORPG that uses a graphic style very similar to WoW’s. The familiar interface and animations help new players and MMO veterans adjust to the world of Taborea. The game supports both individual player housing and guild controlled castles located in separate instances. But what really sets Runes of Magic apart is the dual-classing system whereby characters can pick a second class at level 10. With a total of eight classes and two races (Human, Elf) to chose from, players can create truly unique characters.

play war2gloryplay mmo games


The real-time strategy game War2 Glory is completely browser based. The player takes the role of a commander who must control his city in a war-torn world. In order to succeed on the battlefield, the player has to promote his city’s development and the expansion of his troops. He has more than 40 different, authentic vehicles and means of warfare of the 2nd World War at his disposal, and needs to put his strategic skills to the test against other players on a huge world map. The battles take place on land, sea and air in this game; whether alone or as part of a powerful player alliance.

The graphics in War2 Glory are richer in detail compared to other browser based games of this genre, and the city management modules and settings offer unequaled opportunities


play ikariamplay ikariam online Ikariam is a Browser-Based MMORTS that offers you the chance to turn a small village into a thriving empire, defending it from harm as you help it expand and grow to a new era!

Beginning with a small plot of land, in Ikariam you’ll gather resources, construct buildings, and help steer your farm to a city, your city to an empire, and your empire to a nation that wields the power of the ancient, industrial and technological ages.


ogame space mmoplay ogame mmorpg OGame is a text-based, resource-management and space-war themed browser MMO with millions of players. OGame was created in 2000 and is produced and maintained by Gameforge AG. OGame is available in multiple languages, and different nationalities have their own communities. The game does not differ between the nationality communities except in rare cases. Players are generally informed of news and other things such as changes in rules or new versions through the official forums.

As of 10 February 2010, has a total of 49 universes, including eight universes using the new redesign. More are being added periodically. The Ogame “prOgame universe” (Universe 35) has been discontinued as an exclusive for paying members, so anyone may now sign up for it.

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